Stylist to the stars Mary Fellowes joins Childrens Parliament team

Mary Fellowes has been appointed the sustainability advisor to the UK Children’s Parliament – a group of around 270 children from across the country.

Together they will bring attention to the ecological and social consequences of cheap, rapidly produced mass-market clothing.

The Children’s Parliament was launched in 2021 and matches seven to 11 year-olds to MPs and their constituencies.

Budding politicians take part in online debates about important topics including sustainability, climate change, making the world safer, and access to drinking water.

The initiative honours the late Sir David Amess, who was stabbed to death at a constituency surgery in October 2021 after serving as an MP for almost 40 years.

The partnership with Ms Fellowes was launched when she met the UK Children’s Prime Minister, Harry Acheampong, at a digital fashion event.

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Schoolboy Harry, 12, was appointed to serve for 2023 and hopes to inspire others to lead their generation into a better tomorrow.

The pair are now planning a drive to raise awareness of fast fashion, including a visit to Ghana to witness its impact.

Ms Fellowes recently authored a report for the British Fashion Council which highlighted the problem of unwanted garments from the UK being dumped in Africa, causing ecological devastation.

She has worked for 11 international editions of Vogue, styled runway shows in London and Tokyo and founded sustainable fashion consultancy GreenWith Studio.

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Ms Fellowes said: “I am thrilled to collaborate with the Sir David Amess Children’s Parliament to amplify the importance of sustainability among the youth.

“Our joint effort will not only raise awareness about the harmful impact of fast fashion but also inspire innovative solutions for a greener future.”

The Children’s Parliament is backed by the Daily Express, Wakelet and Microsoft 365, senior Cabinet ministers and many MPs.

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