Suella Braverman launches attack on ‘pampered, out-of-touch’ celebrities

The Home Secretary has called out “pampered, out-of-touch” celebs who have condemned her immigration policy.

The Fareham MP criticised celebrities like Sir Elton John and Gary Lineker, calling them a “virtue-signalling elite” who address Brits “from their villas and private jets”.

It comes after Sir Elton John suggested that the Home Secretary was risking “legitimising hate and violence” after her comments about migrants “gaming” the system to obtain refugee status.

While Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker posted on X, formerly Twitter, “the point is she can’t possibly know that they [the migrants] are lying”.

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Ms Braverman told the Mail on Sunday: “What we are seeing here is out-of-touch pampered elites, lecturing us on how we should think about very, very serious issues affecting the majority of British people, such as illegal migration.

“These people don’t have to wait in a queue to see a GP, they can just go private. They don’t have to worry about trying to afford a car or buy a house.

“The vast majority of British people are directly affected by the unprecedented scale of illegal migration. My job is to think of them first ahead of a virtue-signalling, elitist view from Hollywood Central.”

The former Attorney General added: “What I have a problem with is these privileged people telling the British people how they should think. I find that rank hypocrisy and condescending, lecturing tone incredibly inappropriate. These pampered elites are trying to look compassionate and sound virtuous.”

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Last week, Ms Braverman was in Washington DC to deliver a speech where she said “the misguided dogma of multiculturalism” was an “existential threat” to the West.

In an interview she said: “There are many areas around the country where integration hasn’t worked. I think I’m illustrating and voicing a concern shared by the British people.”

Her comments caused Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, to suggest that the UK has a “fantastic multicultural democracy”.

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The Home Secretary has also rejected the claims that she wants to be the next Tory Party leader, when she said: “There’s no vacancy. I’m working hand-in-hand with the Prime Minister to stop the boats and win the next General Election.

“I applaud the Prime Minister for his very courageous stance on some of these tough decisions in the long-term interest of the country. He’s working flat out with me on our plan, and we’re making progress.”

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