Migrant who came to UK with £150 now worth £300k after launching luxury business

A migrant who moved to the UK following the Croat–Bosniak War is now worth £300,000 after setting up a luxury rental business for the rich and famous.

Mirko Didara, 38, said he faced a number of “challenges” growing up in Croatia following the war that left thousands of people dead and the economy at an all time low.

In 2015, he decided to migrate to Dublin, Ireland, with just £150 in his pocket to find better work opportunities. Having found a job as a kitchen porter on minimum wage, Mirko looked into moving to the UK which he saw as a place to achieve “financial freedom”.

In January 2019, he moved to St Helens, Merseyside, after transferring to another warehouse within the same company. There, he began taking property investing courses and decided to pursue the luxury rental market.

He launched his first business – Nyos Properties – that same year, before launching Bliss & Beds in June this year. The companies are now worth £300,000, with Bliss & Beds offering places to live for those looking for luxury short term accommodation.

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Mirko told Express.co.uk: “I managed to attend a weekend property course in Ireland where I learned about property prices in the UK and the market in general. I saw the UK as a place where I could achieve financial freedom.

“I was on £8.75 an hour on minimum wage as a kitchen porter when I first moved to Ireland, before moving to a warehouse and changing companies three times to increase my wage. I knew I would have to start from scratch if I moved to the UK but I was happy to even have that opportunity.

“After moving, I immediately started looking for property investment course and that led me to reading books about investing. I managed to get myself a mentorship for one year.”

After learning about different strategies, Mirko decided to pursue the rent-to-rent route that didn’t require up front investment.

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Having taken his own experience of migrating on board, he decided to set up a business that would offer accommodation for “more affluent” people who might be looking to spend a set amount of time in the UK or need a temporary luxurious rental place.

He said: “After research, I decided there is a place in the market to provide accommodation for people who are more affluent.”

The luxurious properties start at £500 per-night to rent, with Bliss & Beds also offering add-ons including private chefs, staff, or even a masseuse.

Mirko added: “There’s a gap in the market for those who just need short-term let options without signing on for six or 12 months. We want to help people coming to the UK like I did.”

The business uses some of its profits to offer training and education to other migrants hoping to launch their own businesses in the UK.

“From the moment I started growing this business, I didn’t want to just put myself on a wage and hold the progress of the business. I recently managed to hire another person and we’re turning over £300,000 this year.”

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