Speaker Lindsay Hoyle urged to light up Parliament in support of Israel

Israeli student begs ‘don’t kill me’ as she is snatched by terrorists

Commons speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle is being urged to follow international shows of solidarity with Israel and light up Parliament with the country’s national flag.

MPs have told Express.co.uk that they are unhappy that the UK did not light up the Parliament building last night after Hamas terrorists had killed more than 200 innocent civilians, injured more than 900 others and kidnapped dozens more.

Other international iconic buildings around the world were lit up with the colours of the Israeli flag in solidarity with the country as its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared a state of war amid the bloodbath caused by the surprise attacks.

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and the Empire State Building in New York were all lit up in Israeli colours with the Star of David flag.

But Parliament did nothing while MPs were on recess.

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Among those calling for action is former education minister Dame Andrea Jenkyns.

She pointed out that Speaker Sir Linsday lit up Parliament in solidarity with Ukraine when it was invaded last year by Putin’s Russia.

Now she wants Hoyle to do the same for Israel.

Dame Andrea said: “The Speaker organised this for Ukraine previously, I hope that he does the same for Israel.”

Showing an image of the Ukraine flag on parliament, she also posted on X, formerly Twitter: “Let’s have a public show of support and solidarity by lighting up buildings with the Israeli flag.”

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The demands come as concerns have been raised about the reaction of the left of British politics to the atrocities.

While Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer condemned the attacks and said Israel has a right to defend itself, his party conference in Liverpool is hosting an anti-Israel event and one of his MPs Apsana Begum posed with anti-Israel Palestinian activists.

Meanwhile, Labour London Mayor Sadiq Khan failed to tweet a condemnation of the attacks yesterday and SNP Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf also avoided condemning Hamas in his public pronouncements.

Home Office minister Robert Jenrick had to intervene with the police when Countdown’s Rachel Riley highlighted a mob of Palestinian supporters in London celebrating outside a Jewish restaurant and intimidating children.

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