Putin ramps up rhetoric as he claims UK trying to disrupt Russia nuke sites

Vladimir Putin makes claims about Ukrainian counteroffensive

Ranting Vladimir Putin accused British special forces yesterday of training Ukraine’s sabotage teams to attack Russia’s nuclear power plants.

The Kremlin tyrant told an economic forum his FSB security agency learned of the plot by interrogating a Ukrainian squad captured inside his borders.

Former KGB chief Putin warned Prime Minister Rishi Sunak that the intervention would have “serious consequences”, adding: “Do they realise what they are playing with?”

He spoke as the US was close to approving shipment of longer-range missiles equipped with cluster bombs to Ukraine.

And his tirade came as North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un arrived in Russia for talks.

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Military chiefs believe the Army Tactical Missile Systems – with a 190-mile range – would give Kyiv a huge advantage for striking deep into Russian-held territory.

Meanwhile, Putin tried to warn Britain off backing Ukraine’s military action in his speech to the Vladivostok conference ahead of his summit with Kim.

He said of the captured Ukrainians: “During interrogation, they admitted they were trained under supervision of British instructors. Are they provoking our response at Ukrainian nuclear sites, stations, or what? Does the British leadership or the Prime Minister know what their special services are engaged with in Ukraine?

“Or do they have no clue? I assume it is possible British special services act on the orders of the Americans.

“Either way, we know the final beneficiary. I am afraid they simply underestimate. I know there will be howling after my words like ‘these are threats!’, ‘nuclear blackmail!’, and so on. I know some can say, ‘They will say anything under a gun’.

“This is not true. These things are seriously concerning, because they don’t feel the ground – which can lead to serious consequences.”

Meanwhile, Kim met Kremlin officials at Khasan train station in ­eastern Russia after ­crossing the border in his bulletproof train.

He was filmed alighting from the green luxury carriage onto a red carpet, waving and surrounded by his military and scientific chiefs. His welcome also included a military guard of honour and brass band.

Kim and Putin were expected to meet last night at a venue rumoured to be a space centre in the Amur region. Moscow is expected to seek artillery and ammunition, while Pyongyang wants food, energy, and satellite and nuclear submarine tech.

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