Meghans Invictus speech a bum note as Duchess said I 11 times, says critic

Meghan Markle's speech at the Invictus Games was a "bum note" according to a royal expert, who pointed out that the Duchess of Sussex said "I" 11 times.

Meghan joined Prince Harry in Germany on Tuesday (September 12), arriving four days after her husband.

"Sorry I’m a little late to the party," she explained in her speech. "I had to spend a little more time getting our little ones settled at home and get them to drop off. Three milkshakes and a school drop off and I just landed a couple of hours ago."

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According to royal expert Daniela Elser, throughout Meghan's short speech she "showed worrying symptoms of an infliction suffered by her brother in law Prince William, I-itis".

Writing for, Elser said: "I find it interesting that while the duchess’ intention would seem to have only been to praise the event and the people involved, instead that all got refracted through the lens of her feelings about things.

"For the duchess, for someone who gave what I think is one of the best royal speeches in modern history… this Dusseldorf effort was a bit of a bum note."

Elser contrasted Meghan's remarks with Harry's, in which the Duke urged the Invictus Games participants to "connect". Harry said: "This is your chance to connect with each other because everyone here is at a different phase of their healing process, whether as an individual or as a family."

Elser added with regards to Meghan's speech: "Why make any of this about anything but the incredible men, women and families taking part?"

The Invictus Games, first held in 2014, is an international multi-sport event for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women. It was founded by Harry after he watched the Warrior Games in 2013, a similar event held in the US.

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