UK naturist group organising nude socials for young people to get their kit off

A naturist group is organising nude social events such as festivals and volleyball for young people to encourage them to get their kit off.

Young British Naturism, a group for 18 to 35-year-olds, is also arranging trips abroad to places like naked-friendly spas in Germany.

Jon Ward, leader of the organisation, an offshoot of British Naturism, said: “The future of British Naturism is dependent on members who are part of Young British Naturism today.

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“Naturism is often thought of as something for people in the older age bracket – but we want to encourage people to take part regardless of the age range of the wider group.

“We really need to make sure our younger members feel engaged. YBN gives people an opportunity to spend time with someone who is of a similar age.

“For the last year I have been working behind the scenes to help engage new YBN members, helping to demonstrate how to become involved, and trying to work towards breaking through those ‘first time’ nerves for our newer members

YBN holds sports days in which folk get their kit off and enjoy volleyball sessions in swimming pools and sports centres.

They also play miniten, a tennis-like game in which players use wooden bats.

And BN is holding its first comedy night in November, where clothing is optional.

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Jon said: “We have a very accepting community. The way you interact with everyone is the same as with people at other events.”

“Additionally, we are organising trips to enjoy the sights and scenes a little further away. Jamie has been hard at work planning a trip to Cologne in Germany for February 2024 to enjoy the Naturist-friendly spas a little further afield.

We are hoping for trips like this to become an annual fixture on the YBN calendar.”

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